Q. What is the NJCUL Services Corporation?

A. NJCUL Services Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary and service corporation of the New Jersey Credit Union League. NJCUL Services Corporation works to provide credit unions with best-in-class products and services through preferred partner relationships. We offer a variety of opportunities for business partners to engage with us and the credit unions in our marketplace. From building brand awareness and developing marketing strategies to lead generation and sales support, NJCUL Services Corporation has opportunities for quality business solution providers that will provide a positive return-on-investment.

Q. What should credit unions know about NJCUL Services Corporation?

A. NJCUL Services Corporation understands the intricate and highly regulated nature of the credit union industry. Each organization we bring in to our business partner platform is hand selected to ensure dependability and integrity. Our partners are held to very strict standards as we continuously look to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships that benefit NJ credit unions and their members.

Q. What is the vetting process to bring in prospective business partners?

A. All potential partners are evaluated through a vigorous due diligence process.. Each company is required to complete a very comprehensive application detailing their business model, financials, references, etc. Additionally we gather feedback from member credit unions to gauge interest level to make sure the product/service is a good fit for the NJ marketplace.