Tell Your Members: 19 Hotels in NJ included in Credit Card Data Breach

International Hotels Group (IHG), which includes Holiday Inn, Crown Plaza and Staybridge Suites brands issued a statement of a data breach that took place between September and December 2016. The data breach is much larger than IHG reported in February and it expands to include 19 hotels in New Jersey:

The hotels reported that its cash registers were compromised putting the customer's names, debit/credit card numbers, expiration dates and verification codes at risk - but, no other information was compromised.  More than likely, your member could have used their card outside of New Jersey.  As part of your communication plan to your members, you can use the IHG Look-up Tool.  While your member might not have used your credit or debit card to make the purchase, it is possible that your member could still be affected.  Consider using your identity fraud solution as a means to having the member be in control.  Fraud isn't going away - so, help your members be in control.  If you need any assistance in solutions to help mitigate exposure, please contact Robin Brunner at

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