Automation: Great for Processes, Not-So-Great for Member Services

To recognize the potential in your core, remember that on-boarding isn’t just for members in the first 90 days. Current members who open a new product or opt-in for an additional service represent an incredible opportunity. As soon as that product hits the core, you can start setting expectations for them. Remind them of the product’s features. Remind them how to use it and when to use it. If you are consistently setting high expectations, creating positive member experiences, and effectively communicating the benefits of product or service adoption, everything else will happen naturally. Depth-of-relationship will flourish, single-service households will decline, and member growth will happen because people talk. 

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Three Branding Lessons for 2019

By now your credit union or community bank’s strategic plan is ready for the New Year. Hopefully, it’s a plan to help you close the gap and hold you and your team accountable – where you don’t find yourself overwhelmed by the day-to-day. What we don’t want to see is a plan that mimics that of the chronic resolution-taker.

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Meet the Helpful Expert

Every single social media post is an interaction with your target market. Every interaction will impact the public’s perception of your brand and your company in a positive, negative or neutral way. The obvious goal is to intentionally and continually improve your target market’s perception of your brand through your social media presence.

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How to Increase Your Email Clicks by 41%

We’ve all heard the statistics surrounding ROI and effectiveness of email marketing. With ROI numbers estimated to be above 3000%, there is no doubt why large companies and small agencies alike use email marketing as a vital part of their strategic plans. With incredible email and marketing automation platforms, it has never been easier to create a compelling email filled with promotional items and other offerings from your company. In fact, it is as simple as one or two clicks.

So what is the difficult part of email marketing?

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One Word You Need to Know for a Successful Planning Session

As the famous philosopher Bob Dylan once said, “the times, they are a changin’.” If your strategic planning session isn’t changing with the times, you’re not having the conversations that will help take your credit union or community bank to the next level.

If you set out to tackle this strategic planning exercise in the traditional way, you will be disappointed. You know the kind of thing… spend a few days offsite doing a SWOT analysis and capturing everything in spreadsheets. Some would say it’s as simple as asking “where will we play and how will we win?” Great questions, but the discussions before you arrive at those questions and answers will give proper perspective in the decision-making process.

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Losing auto loans to dealers? Stop the bleeding

By: Bo McDonald, yourmarketingco

“It’s not personal. It’s business.” When you end up paying more and borrowing more, it gets personal quickly.

You’ve purchased a car before and, most likely, experienced the financing procedures at the dealership. Do you really know what goes on behind the scenes at a car dealership?

What happens when your sales person scurries away to his finance manager?

What conversations happen between the sales people, managers, and finance people?

Do you know exactly how dealerships make their real money?

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