One Word You Need to Know for a Successful Planning Session

As the famous philosopher Bob Dylan once said, “the times, they are a changin’.” If your strategic planning session isn’t changing with the times, you’re not having the conversations that will help take your credit union or community bank to the next level.

If you set out to tackle this strategic planning exercise in the traditional way, you will be disappointed. You know the kind of thing… spend a few days offsite doing a SWOT analysis and capturing everything in spreadsheets. Some would say it’s as simple as asking “where will we play and how will we win?” Great questions, but the discussions before you arrive at those questions and answers will give proper perspective in the decision-making process.

Before you dive into 2017 initiatives, you need to gain perspective and ask questions like:

  • What is the process in which decisions are made when it comes to processes, leadership, culture, strategy, sales, marketing, finances, and opportunities.
  • What does the “next level” of the organization look like, and what might hold us back from successfully reaching the next level.
  • What are the action steps to successfully “level up,” who is responsible for owning the action steps and when will they be completed.

Most of all, there’s one word that everyone loves to hate: accountability. Most planning sessions end when participants walk out of the conference room. The documents are typed up and stored in a file. Perhaps they’re dusted off when the examiner wants to view them. There’s typically no accountability to leaders for implementing the planning session, or the goals were so broad with no discussion on how to achieve them that it’s impossible to hold anyone accountable to action and success.

Try something new for your strategic planning session this year.

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