How to Increase Your Email Clicks by 41%

We’ve all heard the statistics surrounding ROI and effectiveness of email marketing. With ROI numbers estimated to be above 3000%, there is no doubt why large companies and small agencies alike use email marketing as a vital part of their strategic plans. With incredible email and marketing automation platforms, it has never been easier to create a compelling email filled with promotional items and other offerings from your company. In fact, it is as simple as one or two clicks.

So what is the difficult part of email marketing?

Often times, all of the energy of creating the email is spent towards getting great results, which isn’t necessarily wrong but what if that same energy was channeled towards reaching the readers more effectively. Instead of throwing a generic “Apply Now” button on an email, what if there was research and thought put into the wording of the call to action? By considering what makes the readers tick, by pulling out the emotion and humanizing aspects of the emails you send, you’re now tapping into a deeper level of email marketing, rather than just settling for quick results.

Just recently, your marketing co., sent out the second email of a monthly series we created for one of our clients. After analyzing the first email we sent, we tweaked the subject line and changed the call to action to further humanize in the second round. Between the two emails, with only small tweaks, we saw an increase of around 41% in click rates. The success factor depended not only of analyzing the data from previous emails but also considering what people wanted to actually read, what they would click on, and how the email would be conveyed. Analyzing email results and data is absolutely essential.

Unfortunately, that is where much of email marketing stops. In our office, we have a whiteboard with number from that week’s send results, but we don’t stop there. Everything from subject line to placement of sidebars, down to wording is put through the humanization funnel. Do people actually talk this way? Does this peak interest? What times are being considered and what are the readers doing at that time? These questions and more are all being considered when emails are being created. The most effective question of all: Would I (the email creator) read this, click this, or find this interesting because after all, we are humans with emotions interacting with other humans, not robots.

Email marketing may be king when it comes to analyzing data and results, but emotion and personalization is the crown.

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