Meet the Helpful Expert

Every single social media post is an interaction with your target market. Every interaction will impact the public’s perception of your brand and your company in a positive, negative or neutral way. The obvious goal is to intentionally and continually improve your target market’s perception of your brand through your social media presence.

Now the question is: How? Frankly, there are hundreds of methods, strategies, benchmarks and standards promoted by hundreds of bloggers, marketers and firms. One method that has proven to be successful is the “Helpful Expert” approach. This method is incredibly intuitive once you take a moment to think about it, so let’s break down this approach.

First, let’s discuss the “Expert” part of the statement. Your target market will expect and require whoever they work with to be an expert in their given industry. If you are a financial institution, you need to be up on all the latest banking trends and provide industry relevant information to members and potential members. If you work in retail, you should be intentional about sharing the latest trends and predicting future styles. Your current clients will be reassured that they made a good, responsible choice in doing business with such a competent, expert company, and your prospective clients will see the how knowledgeable you are and keep that in mind when making a decision.

Now we know that you’re an expert in your industry, but potential members are most likely not experts – that’s why they’re hiring you! So, double check everything that you post to ensure it is not only relevant to your industry, but also to your target member’s life! You may think that an article on the organizational structure of a Fortune 500 company is incredibly interesting (and it just might be industry relevant), but is it relevant in your readers’ lives? Probably not. People don’t like feeling dumb or talked down to, so make sure that everything that comes from your company’s platforms is comprehendible for your followers so that visiting your page is a productive and interesting, not stressful. You want to become a go-to for industry information and advice.

If you successfully establish your business as a helpful expert, chances are your public perception will be very positive. People think with their hearts as much as their heads, so if you have built a good reputation among your target market, you will be that much closer to winning over clients.

A few tips:

  • Subscribe to some Web sites or newsletters that provide relevant articles or information that your target market might be interested in. This provides material and inspiration for your posts! No need to re-invent the wheel when there is good information already out there!
  • Have a “non-expert” read the post and provide input. You may understand the post or think that it is relevant, but you never know!
  • Find a balance between fun and functional. If you want to share a cute puppy video every once in a while (assuming your members appreciate it) that’s fine. But if your page looks the same as the Buzzfeed page, you’ve gone too far.
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