Meet the People Behind the Passion: How CO-OP is Integrating to Innovate

The world is changing more rapidly than ever and so are the needs of today’s credit unions. That’s why at CO-OP, they’re constantly evolving our products, services, and partnerships in order to provide the best solutions to our clients. But innovation is about more than just building new products; it’s also about seamlessly integrating existing ones. That’s why CO-OP created MyCO-OP, to unite all of their tools and applications into a single access point.

CO-OP is passionate about helping credit unions become experts at engagement through integrated solutions. Get to know the people behind the passion and meet some of the CO-OP Executive Team as they discuss what it means to integrate while innovating:

Modifying Your Core DNA to Create a Better Version of Your Credit Union
As CO-OP Chief Product and Strategy Officer Shazia Manus explains, innovation is about leveraging your technology and human capital to reinvent your business. Integrating all aspects of CO-OP's enterprise has been a key initiative over the last year and drives the approach they take to digital transformation. They believe that innovation is an iterative process and that culture sets the tone for everything they do.

Integrating Partners Into CO-OP's Ecosystem
Finding the right partners to complement CO-OP's solution offering is important to innovation, says Head of Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships Dean Michaels. But success comes only when those partners integrate well into their ecosystem in order to create a seamless experience for their clients and their members.

Staying Focused on Integration
"There’s always pressure to try and create the next solution that’s going to disrupt the payments industry," says CO-OP President/CEO Todd Clark. "Instead, we’re focused on continuing to enhance our product suite to support the digital transformation of the credit union industry. That’s where real value is created. We’re building upon that concept with the CO-OP Co-Creation Councils, designed to bring credit union leaders together to share ideas and drive innovation to advance the credit union movement."

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