5 Must Reads: Innovating on the Member Experience Through Multi-channel Integration

As our lives become increasingly integrated, the boundaries between consumer channels continue to blur. This week, CO-OP Financial Services takes a selective look at how multichannel/omnichannel integration is changing everything from how we shop to how we exercise, buy gas for our cars and order hot coffee and donuts.

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Take on Omnichannel

Find out how five brick-and-mortar retailers – Target, Old Navy, Walmart, Kohl’s and American Eagle – are using omnichannel shopping experiences in unexpected ways. According to the PYMNTS Omni Usage Index, retailers score only 37.9 out of 100 on omnichannel features, so there’s room to improve across the board.

Smartwatches Poised to Get Their Moment
Mobile Payments Today

Worldwide shipments of wearable devices are on track to grow 15.1 percent in 2018, totaling 132.9 million units over the course of the year, according to an IDC report. As smartwatches and other wearables become more prevalent, will wearable payments catch on?

Why Financial Institutions Are Betting on Multisensory Branch Experiences
The Financial Brand

Wells Fargo is closing branches. Bank of America is opening them. Thousands of credit unions nationwide maintain a formidable branch presence through shared branching. But what about changing the branch experience – beyond self-service automation and economical design – to make in-person interactions more enjoyable?

Google Assistant Orders Coffee and Dunkin' Donuts
Payments Journal

Okay, we admit that featuring coffee and doughnuts in a headline may have been a cheap grab for attention. However, conversational commerce is a legitimate and growing trend – and THINK conference alum Dunkin’ Donuts is serving it hot by making its On-the-Go Mobile Ordering available through Google Assistant.

How Connected Cars are Driving Connected Payments
Mobile Payments Today

Most modern cars include an in-vehicle infotainment system that combine multimedia, navigation, telephony and radio functions. From there, it’s a short hop to in-car payments. Do consumers really want to pay in their cars? If pay-at-the-pump is any indicator, the answer is yes.

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