Is Your Members’ Information on the Dark Web? Free Scan from EverSafe Available to NJCUL Member CUs to Find Out

In light of the number of recent data breaches (e.g. Equifax, Sears, Delta), in which personal information was exposed, it’s more important than ever for your members and their families to keep an eye on their personal finances and identities. Thieves, who have access to the Dark Web’s illicit databases, sell this personal information to scammers, resulting in loss and immeasurable hardship to victims.

Many of you are aware of NJCUL’s relationship with EverSafe, a technology service that uses cutting-edge algorithms to monitor and identify the first signs of fraud, identity theft and age-related issues. 

EverSafe is offering NJCUL member credit unions, a COMPLIMENTARY ONE-TIME SCAN of the Dark Web for its members. This scan can include a search for one or more of the following: email address, telephone number(s), Social Security number, driver’s license, debit and/or credit card number(s).

EverSafe will email the results of the scan within an hour and is available for assistance if a member finds their information exposed on the Dark Web.

If you have questions, call Customer Services at EverSafe at 888-575-3837.

To receive the link to share with your member, please send an email to

If you would like a link that is unique for your credit union, please contact EverSafe at 888-575-3837 or email  

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