What is a Security Operations Center

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the pervasive digitization of virtually all industries, information systems have become indispensable. Savvy organizations leverage them to improve efficiency in production and delivery of products/services to clients. With their widespread adoption and integration into nearly all areas of business activities, information systems now rule today’s business landscape.

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Six Reasons Why Businesses are Switching to Office 365

Big Additions to O365 Hold Big Advantages for SMB

In the past 3 years, feature enhancements and consolidation of standalone products have made Office 365 more attractive to small business. But is it really enough for a small business to consider a move to Office 365? If Email and the Microsoft Office Suite come to mind when you hear “Office 365,” you’re off to a good start. But the real strength of Office 365 is the combination of powerful collaboration and sharing tools that, when combined, can transform your business to dramatically add competitive advantages in the way you operate.

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