Alloya Corporate to Offer Two Scholarships to CUNA GAC

Alloya Corporate FCU announced the availability of the Christine M. Gross (CMG) Scholarship* for 2017. This scholarship affords an individual from a small credit union (Alloya member) to attend CUNA GAC, an Alloya event or state league/association event by covering registration fees, hotel accommodations, and travel expenses (not included for GAC). Alloya is accepting applications for the Christine M. Gross (CMG) Scholarship for the CUNA GAC (February 26-March 2, 2017). Please Note: The two scholarships for the GAC are specifically for young professionals, up to the age of 35. 

Apply Now 

1. Click here for the application. For a printable application form, visit the CMG Memorial Scholarship page of the Alloya Web site.

2. Please submit your application by January 13, 2017.

More Information 
To learn more about the CMG Scholarship, click here. If you have any questions, please contact your Senior Business Consultant at Alloya. 

About the CMG Scholarship
Christine M. Gross (CMG), who was a Senior Business Consultant for the corporate, was an advocate for all the credit unions she represented, but it was small credit unions that held a special place in her heart. As a memorial to our cherished employee, the CMG Foundation was established by the corporate and funded by us and members. The proceeds are used to assist staff at smaller credit unions defray the costs of attending educational opportunities.