Offer Surcharge-Free Access to ATMs at 7-Eleven Stores Coast to Coast

CO-OP Financial Services recently inked an agreement with FCTI, Inc., ensuring that approximately 8,000 ATMs located in 7-Eleven® stores nationwide will continue to be part of the CO-OP ATM network—surcharge-free—for years to come. This coincides with other industry developments to make the CO-OP ATM network the only one to continuously provide credit union members with surcharge-free access to ATMs in 7-Eleven locations. 

With the CO-OP ATM network, New Jersey CU League members will enjoy: 

• The added convenience and brand recognition of knowing there is a surcharge-free ATM in 8,000 7-Eleven stores nationwide

• Surcharge-free access to the largest credit union-only ATM network, larger than any single commercial bank fleet, at 30,000 machines

• Convenient access to our mobile locator app that displays all CO-OP ATMs, including those in 7-Eleven stores

Gain a competitive advantage by providing ATM access that rivals the biggest banks—a major selling point for acquiring and retaining members.

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