2017 IT & Security Conference a Big Hit for Vizo Financial

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. – “Very well done, very informative.” That’s just one of the many fantastic reviews Vizo Financial received about its 2017 IT and Security Conference! The event was held on August 7-9, 2017, at The Central Hotel in Harrisburg, Pa., and featured 25+ education sessions, 15 expert speakers and two nights of evening entertainment and networking.

In addition to the networking opportunities and entertainment, the conference was really centered around exceptional education for credit union on various IT and security related topics.

“Credit unions are operating in the midst of widespread cybersecurity threats and cybercrime, and this conference is one way that we can give them the knowledge, and with it, the power to fight back,” said Jaime Agostino, marketing director for Vizo Financial. “Vizo Financial is especially keen on providing our members with the best security and information technology education possible to protect their financial institutions when the odds are against them.”

Education session topics at this year’s conference included security awareness, cybersecurity, ransomware, threat intelligence information sharing, information security programs, VM3, data backups, operational risks, phishing and more.

This year’s keynote speaker was Reg Harnish, CEO of GreyCastle Security and 2017’s Cybersecurity Consultant of the Year. Reg has been a part of Vizo Financial’s IT & Security Conference for the past several years, and has consistently been voted one of the most popular speakers by attendees.

"The Vizo Financial's conference is a great resource for smaller financial institutions - it gives them access to the same education and best practices that larger banks have,” said Reg Harnish. “The conference is really well-organized and run, year over year."

In addition to Reg Harnish, the speakers included:

  • Jeremy Burris, S.R. Snodgrass P.C.
  • Devin Chwastyk, McNees Wallace & Nurick
  • Mark Clarke, Sollievo
  • Thomas Clerici, Arraya Solutions
  • John Cuneo, Sollievo
  • Dan Didier, GreyCastle Security
  • Chris Ensey, Dunbar Security Solutions
  • Jerald Garner, NCUA
  • Robert Gentry, Sollievo
  • Skip Irwin, Wombat Security Technologies
  • Gordon MacKay, Digital Defense Inc.
  • Heather McCalman, FS-ISAC
  • Samantha Shoop, Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Intelligence Center

Thomas Clerici, Arraya Solutions, said, “It was a pleasure to attend Vizo Financial’s 2017 IT & Security Conference. The attendees I encountered were engaged and extremely motivated to overcome the cybersecurity challenges facing them on a daily basis. I believe the sessions presented will put them on a path to do just that.”

"When it comes to threat detection, many organizations wait until something happens or until a risk is identified to act. But early detection has a significant impact on fraud losses. We see proactive hunting as a strategic advantage for incident management, by identifying vulnerabilities before something occurs, saving companies time, money and protecting valuable resources and infrastructure," stated Chris Ensey, Dunbar Security Solutions.

So what did the attendees have to say about the education they received?

 “Excellent information. Reinforcement of my current knowledge plus new details of topics.”

“Very good information and detailed on the importance of information sharing. Our CU will benefit from this information.”

“Very timely info. Have a lot of tools and knowledge to take back.”

Vizo Financial was also pleased to welcome the following exhibitors at the 2017 IT & Security Conference:

  • Appalachia Technologies
  • Check Printing Solutions
  • eDOC Innovations
  • GreyCastle Security
  • MY CU Services
  • Sollievo