Vision Statement
The success of our business, and our clients are based on three words: Relationships, ideas, and results.

We develop, nurture, and maintain strong relationships with each client.

We provide great ideas based on the individual needs of each client.

For each client relationship and individual idea, we strive for your maximum results.

Strong relationships push good into great. You know your members in ways that no bank can. Making the point to know you just as well, YMC takes the time and the care to connect and cultivate understanding of your credit union—to learn your goals, see your needs, and understand your culture. Together we will create and execute a marketing plan created specifically for your credit union.

It takes new ideas to capture the attention of consumers in today’s noisy world. Once we understand the culture of your credit union, we can create a fresh marketing strategy built on a plan with new ideas that build on the heritage and uniqueness of your credit union. It’s what separates you and the YMC approach from the meh to the remarkable. Break out of the boring routine of cookie cutter hype into a cutting edge approach.

Outstanding results come with mutual successes—for your credit union members and with your staff. Member satisfaction keeps us both in business. We get that. The job of YMC is to make your workload easier by taking a hands- on approach, allowing you to focus on the other important tasks at your credit union. We will assist you from the beginning with both concepts and strategies to the full execution of your personalized marketing plan without you breaking stride. If you need more time in your day and better results from your marketing, we can help.

For more information, contact Bo McDonald at bo@yourmarketingco.com or 864-908-9291.